Villa Spiza Restaurant, featured on “Bizarre Foods”

My foodie husband, David, read great things about a restaurant called Villa Spiza in Split, so we headed there our first night in town. We found a tiny little hole-in-the-wall, with no tables available, but two stools at a bar that faced a cooking range-top. I had to squeeze into the cornermost stool, my back practically against the side of the woman behind me. Learning they only accept cash, David headed out again leaving me to nurse a white wine while he searched for an ATM machine. The place was bustling, with only two cooks/servers, a man and a woman behind the L-shaped bar. People waited outside for larger tables to free up.

When David returned, we ordered a light dinner of wild asparagus pasta for me and lionfish for David. We had fun visiting with the male chef while we waited for the lady chef to prepare our dinner. He informed us that Andrew Zimmern (of “Bizarre Foods”) had filmed in his restaurant. We discovered later, when we looked up the episode back home, that we’d sat exactly where Zimmern had. Fun! We didn’t find the food to be bizarre at all; just good. I do have to confess to being a little underwhelmed by the wild asparagus, which we found throughout the Balkans. It reminds me of the long, spindly asparagus rejects in our own garden. Oh well, clearly a lapse in my culinary class…and the cooking technique and quality of ingredients got no complaints.

Pasta with wild asparagus
Yummy cherry cake…now if only I’d snapped a pic of that lionfish
Blurry shot of David at our bar seating–Think of it as “artsy”!

The food was delicious, the atmosphere fun. If you’re in Split, this one is a winner!

Kružićeva 3
Split 21000 (not far from the main square, Narodni Trg)

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