Nusa Dua, Bali, and some really deadly creatures

Tidal pools appear every afternoon at Nusa Dua

We spent four days at gorgeous INAYA Putri Bali entranced by the tidal pools that emerge each afternoon and are filled with all kinds of beautiful and unusual sealife. There were thousands of starfish, large sea hares, any number of little fish, sea slugs, eels and more.

Eel in Nusa Dua tidal pool

On the second day, I was able to trail along behind a banded sea snake as he tried to make his way to deeper water. I knew it was a fatally venomous snake (50x more poisonous than a cobra per Bali Animal Welfare Association), but non-aggressive and I didn’t crowd him.

Deadly venom: Banded sea snake in the ankle-deep water of a Nusa Dua tidal pool

The next day, I was watching a small eel when a little octopus showed up. I trailed him with my camera. When I looked him up later, I found he’s a blue-ringed octopus and “recognized as one of the world’s most venomous marine animals,” having “enough poison to kill 26 adults within minutes.”

Lethally poisonous: Blue ringed octopus
Way too close!

There’s no antivenin for either of these critters.

Quite a few people enjoyed the tidal pools and we saw lots of parents scooping up marine critters to put in pails for their children to see. We saw no warnings posted about the dangers posed by some of the local sealife, so be advised. Sea creatures are fascinating and often beautiful, but never try to touch or pick up what you aren’t familiar with.

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